Trustee & Guardian

The NSW Trustee and Guardian does much more than simply draft wills and look after deceased estates. It also manages money for people who are unable to look after their own finances, such as those with dementia, a brain injury, or an intellectual or psychiatric disability. It currently operates 19 offices throughout the state, delivering local services to our most vulnerable.


What’s happening?

In 2015, the Government announced that it was going to slash a third of all jobs in Trustee and Guardian, resulting in the closure of 14 offices and the down-sizing of others. This announcement was made without any proper assessment of the impact of the changes or a plan to cope.

The efforts of the Public Service Association (PSA) resulted in a guarantee that some of the threatened regional office will remain open, and that any changes will be delayed until a pilot into the proposed service changes has been evaluated.


Why is this important?

This is privatisation by stealth. As our population gets older and demands for these services grows, the NSW Trustee and Guardian will be an empty shell, providing only very basic assistance. To get the quality local service now offered by NSW Trustee and Guardian, people will be forced to pay for it in the private market. The most vulnerable members of our society deserve better.